I am a student of computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. Formerly, I was studying physical chemistry but quit before receiving any degree.

I’m German by birth and residence, Austrian by passport and European at heart. I’m a passionate user of – and occasional contributor to – Free Software. Furthermore, I’m somewhat involved into politics.

This WordPress blog is used to publish miscellaneous “dynamic” information, i.e. stuff that comes up at a time. Please also visit my homepage for information that is more “static” in some sense. (Including a bit more information about myself.) You’ll also find a browseable directory tree there which contains many documents (and is growing) I’ve decided to share. I also use this blog here to announce some of the new documents I add to my homepage as time goes on.

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Here are some pictures to look at:

A “photo” of mine

That's me!

An even worse picture of mine

That's when the photographer was obviously drunk.

An even worse picture of mine

And that's when the camera didn't work properly.

A modified photo of the new audimax at the KIT. Originally photographed by Tobias Helfrich.

The new Audimax at the KIT.
Photograph: (c) T. Helfrich, 2005, Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0

Last modified: 2012-06-15

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    Dear Mr. Klammler,
    Thank you for your critical remark on the interview I gave to “Zwischentöne”.
    Why I criticised the statistics of climatic change was due to the fact that the expression for energy (mv²/2) and v² consists of a time and a space increment (s,t) which are neither independent of each other nor normal distributed and therefore cannot be modelled as in cases where the distributions are known. The other fact is that Feynmans QED states that electromagnetic radiation is material interaction between sources and sinks adopting electromagnetic fields and electrons generating photons. If the distribution of these is not known we are hardly able to model and to put up a radiation balance. This is of course also the case with water, water- vapour and its distributions. Another problem seems to me that energy flows only from hotter objects to cooler objects and not independent of heat capacity and heat gradients. I would not object to climate change which is obvious. However, that both the atmosphere in its amount and its composition are results of life processes as is the distribution of water cycles and climate tells me that our simulations are quite too simplistic. The control of CO2 in society is practically unfeasable because of all the chemical equilibria and the rules of the mass action laws contrary to the control of evaporable water with its extremely high heat capacity and dissipating 2500 kJ by the evaporation of 1 l of water by the living surfaces of vegetation. The climatc simulations violate basic thermodynamics, the physical theories of Feynman and the brilliant work of dissipative structures by Prigogine. The very robust processes of life, of evolution, the necessity of evaporable water, of potential energy are thereby neglected. The role of nethane in Nature is highly overestimated since the detention time is eytremely short due to the fact that methane at moist vegetational surfaces is an excellent substrate for methane oxidizing bacteria. With best regards Willy Ripl

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