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The Magic Tool

Just quoting a recent Physics exercise:

Question: A man with a mass of 80 kg jumps horizontally from a wagon (on friction free horizontal rails) with a mass of 800 kg. At the liftoff, his speed relative to the wagon is 3 m/s. How much energy did the jump cost the man?
Answer: E = 327.3 J

The other day, I broke my window pane and had to purchase a new glass. Hence I had to know the dimensions of my window. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an appropriate measuring tape and one has to know it very exactly when ordering glass. No problem: I expected the window to be almost quadratic and I guessed that the area would be about one and a half square meter. Now I pulled out my good old pocket calculator, hit 1.5 + sqrt + enter and – surprise – got exactly 1.2247448713915890491 m as the side length. I think most scientific laboratories would – even using sophisticated equipment – have had serious troubles to meet that precision.

P.S. The inconvenient fact that the new pane did not fit, I can only explain by incredible malpractice of the manufacturer.

God spoke: Shame on Physics

Is god really great or isn’t he?

It’s Wednesday, 21th October, a shiny autumn day. 11:30 AM in the Gerthsen audience hall on the site of a renominate German university. Physics, lecture #1. For the sake of clarity I should maybe add, that it’s the year 2009 AC.

The common practice of starting a lecture with a definition and an overview of the subject including its potentials and limitations resulted in unexpected consequences. When mentioning the importance of the natural constants a (30 minutes) word about the amazing fact that Continue reading

Do you believe in Climatic Change?

Since I got asked again and again, whether or not I believe in climatic change, I feel about posting a final clarifying statement on that issue. I did not become a scientist to make my decisions on the ground of obscure conveniences but on the bases of provable facts. Continue reading