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Illegal Copies of “Alone in the Dark” on RapidShare

Today, the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe (BGH) has published a press release (BGH 114/2012) concerning its not yet published decision in the lawsuit between Atari Europe, Inc. and the RapidShare AG (Urteil des I. Zivilsenats vom 12.7.2012 – I ZR 18/11).

Atari has been suing RapidShare for providing disk space for distributing illegal copies of its video game “Alone in the Dark”. As with a number of previous lawsuits, the BGH has pointed out that there is no general obligation for RapidShare to unconditionally filter files uploaded by its users for potentially being illegal. However, RapidShare is obligated to do its best to prevent reoccurring of illegal uploads of the same file has it once been notified by the aggrieved person. Continue reading